how to modify this website

Hello! This document explains the website repository and outlines how to make changes to each page on the website. If you have any questions, please email Nura Kawa (

This website uses the minimal mistakes Jekyll theme. Documentation for this theme is found here: This guide is useful if you wish to change the layout and structure of the website. If you wish to simply change the content of the website, here is what you need to know:

(1) The only .html file that you would edit is for the homepage, index.html. Otherwise, you should edit a .md file. The reason is that the HTML of this website is generated from the Markdown files; therefore, you should not change anything in the “_site” directory.

(2) The Members, Publications and News pages are written in Markdown under the “_pages” directory as loops that read in data from a .yml file found in the “_data” directory.

(3) You can store images in either the “assets” folder or the “static” folder. For member or publications images, it is best to keep them in the “static” folder.

instructions by page

home (Welcome to the Arnaout Lab)






general information about the repository folders

assets: this directory contains css, images, and some javascript files and plugins. The only subdirectory that you would modify is assets/image

_data: this folder contains the .yml data files that provide data for some of the webpages (.md files), such as publications and members. You can add and modify files in this folder.

_includes: this folder contains improtant files for the structure and layout of the website. You only modify contents of this folder for structural changes to the website.

_layouts: this folder contains page layouts that come with the minimal mistakes theme.

_pages: this directory contains the pages that make up this website, all as .md files. you should modify the .md files if you want to change anything on the pages. these files are rendered into .html when the website is generated.

_posts: this directory contains all of the news posts of this website. to add a news post, create a .md file that follows the naming convention of the other posts. this is important in order for the file to be added to the News page.

_sass: this directory is from the minimal mistakes theme, and it contains the .scss files of the site. Generally you do not modify this file unless you want to change the look of the website

_site: this is regenerated every time the site is rendered. do not modify files in this folder

static: this directory contains the images of the members and can be used to store any static files

test: this folder can be ignored; it comes with the minimal mistakes theme.