Nature Medicine

Toward a clearer picture of health.

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Pregnancy complications and premature cardiovascular events among 1.6 million California pregnancies.

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Deep-learning models improve on community-level diagnosis for common congenital heart disease lesions.

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Distinct myocardial lineages break atrial symmetry during cardiogenesis in zebrafish.

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A mutation in the atrial-specific myosin light chain gene (MYL4) causes familial atrial fibrillation.

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Fast and accurate view classification of echocardiograms using deep learning.

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Neuregulin-1 is essential for nerve plexus formation during cardiac maturation.

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Fast and accurate classification of echocardiograms using deep learning.

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Little Fish, Big Data: Zebrafish as a Model for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease.

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Recovery of adult zebrafish hearts for high-throughput applications.

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Actin binding GFP allows 4D in vivo imaging of myofilament dynamics in the zebrafish heart and the identification of Erbb2 signaling as a remodeling factor of myofibril architecture.

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Developmental biology: physics adds a twist to gut looping.

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Late Recognition of Malignant Vasovagal Syncope.

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Genetic and physiologic dissection of the vertebrate cardiac conduction system.

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Zebrafish model for human long QT syndrome.

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